Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications to Pledge Delta Sigma Pi?

  1. Must be an undergraduate student of George Mason University
  2. Must be majoring in Finance, Accounting, ISOM, Management, Marketing, Economics or Undeclared
  3. Must be in good standing with the university
  4. GPA of at least 2.75 is preferred at the time of application
  5. Should have a career focus in business
  6. Should seek to improve their professional development and expand their network

Can I Pledge Delta Sigma Pi if I am not a Business or Economics major, but I minor in one of those fields?

No. Only School of Business, Economics or Undeclared majors will be considered potential prospects.

How long is the Pledging process and what does it entail?

Our Pledging process is usually six – eight weeks long. Throughout the process, Pledges are given the opportunity to develop professionally and join our family of Brothers.

Can I Pledge Delta Sigma Pi if I am currently in a different professional Fraternity?

We accept prospects that are current members of any other Fraternities or Sororities that aren’t professional business Greek Life organizations.

Can I Pledge Delta Sigma Pi while also Pledging another Greek Life Organization?

No. We discourage this as our process is selective and pledging for another Greek Life organization will not be considered as a valid excuse for underperformance and absences.

What adjustments will I have to make to my schedule if I am Pledging Delta Sigma Pi?

If offered a bid, we ask Pledges to keep their Sundays entirely free.

What are the financial obligations that are required at the end of the pledging process?

If Pledges are initiated into the Fraternity, the initiation fee is $135.

What can I expect if I am initiated as a Brother of Delta Sigma Pi?

Every Pledge that has the opportunity to be initiated as a Brother of Delta Sigma Pi will have the opportunity to join one of the most prestigious Fraternities in the world. Brothers of our Fraternity enjoy exceptional professional development, access to a global network of professionals, and the opportunity to join a family of Brothers to call your own.